"I Need Peace"

"I Need Peace"

...the lady interjects, "We were just talking about having freedom from guilt and worry!"... 

While canvassing in East Texas, Zipporah knocks at a door and after awhile, a lady comes out. Zipporah begins to speak about the book Peace Above the Storm, "Peace Above the Storm helps you find freedom from worry, guilt, and..." but before the presentation is even finished, the lady interjects "We were just talking about having freedom from guilt and worry!" At hearing this, Zipporah was surprised-- it was clear that God had led her to this woman. The woman invites her inside and tells Zipporah that she had just lost her job, yet in spite of this she decides to get Peace Above the Storm anyways. The woman and her live-in partner also decide to donate much more than what Zipporah asked for. Because of the large donation, she tries to give them more books, but they decline saying, "We just need this Peace Above the Storm right now." Zipporah then prays for the lady to get a new job, and they part ways knowing that God had just set up a divine appointment!

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